Two Collies and a Mutt

Two Collies and a Mutt: October 2012


Wordless Wednesday: Happy Halloween!


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Matching ears

Some of you may have noticed the teeny, tiny, speck of white on the tip of Petal's left ear.
No? You haven't?
Refer to the image below.


It's pretty cute, isn't it?
I love that little speck and I love that it's only on that one ear.
But I guess Petal didn't feel the same way.
I guess she felt mismatched. Ill-assorted. Ill-matched. Clashing. Contrasting.
So she painted her other ear to match.

Please note the white paint on her right ear (your left).

Now that she matches, she couldn't be happier.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter may know that this was not Petal's only paint related mishap.
For those of you who don't follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you should. ;)
Oh, and I'll bring you up to speed.
My Mom is painting the family room and the dogs were doing a great job at avoiding the wet paint, up until I put my coat on to leave the house. Petal was hoping she would get to come along too, so she walked through my Mom's pan of wet paint and left light blue paw prints across the tiled floor of our entry way. One of these days I'm going to wet myself while laughing at this dog.

Since then she has painted her ear, of course, and her mane.
The brilliant little Collie decided to paint her white mane white, so you can't even tell it's painted, until you pet her or see the odd texture to her hair.

Crazy pup.

A little heads up: I will be having surgery tomorrow, it's nothing super serious and I will be home the same day, but I'm not sure when I'll be back to posting. I'm sure I'll be up for posting our Wordless Wednesday post, since I already have that ready to go (copy image link to blog post, check), and then hopefully I'll be back to posting by the weekend.
Have a good week everyone!
And a happy Halloween!
For those of you in Sandy's path, stay safe.

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Black and White Sunday: Halloween

October 2010

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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Collie antics + Too much fun with editing

Prepare yourselves for a dozen photos.
Okay fine, a little more than a dozen.
There's 15 photos in this post.

playfulcollies1E Photobucket playfulcollies10E Photobucket playfulcollies5E playfulcollies12E playfulcollies13E playfulcollies6E playfulcollies7E playfulcollies8E playfulcollies2E playfulcollies3E playfulcollies4E playfulcollies15E playfulcollies14E

I love watching these two play.
Though sometimes I have to step in because Petal gets a little too crazy for Lassie's liking.

I used both Photoshop Elements and Photobucket to edit these pictures obnoxiously wonderfully.
Incase you were wondering. ;)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!
Do you have anything fun planned with your pups this weekend?
We currently have no plans. Unless you count my small to-do list that I really should be working on tackling right now, but I'm blogging instead, because it's more fun.

Are you in for a weekend full of fun?
Or a weekend full of chores?
Or maybe a lazy weekend!
Whatever you're doing this weekend, do it well and enjoy. ;)

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Wordless Wednesday: That's what I call a happy pup


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Petal's Halloween skirt

Remember the Halloween photo shoot I did with the Collies?
I have a few extra pictures of Petal to share, this time wearing her orange and leopard print skirt.
She likes this costume much better. ;)

"I'm beautiful, I know."

Working the runway.


I can't even begin to tell you how many times this girl has knocked me on my butt after running to me and the camera a little too enthusiastically.

For anyone who might be wondering, I got her skirt at Walmart two years ago for a few dollars, I don't remember exactly how much it was, but I do remember that I paid no more than $5 for it. It's actually a child's skirt, but the waist is elastic and it fits her well. ;) It also didn't cost me as much as skirt made for a dog her size might have.
Have you noticed that? That something made for a large dog sometimes costs more than that same thing made for a child?
For example, if I go to the pet section at Walmart the dog bandanas are anywhere from $5-$15.
If I go to the kids section at Walmart I can find bandanas for 50 cents or a $1. Fold them right and they fit my Collies just as well (actually, better) than the pet bandanas do.
I was a very happy girl the day I discovered that. ;)

Quick edit: We joined Twitter yesterday! You can follow us @twocolliesmutt

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Black and White Sunday: By my side


Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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Instagram Photos!

Oh how I love Instagram.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Look at those cute furry faces!
If you'd like to follow us on Instagram you can find us as marquielynn.

I hope everyone is having a lovely Friday!

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Wordless Wednesday: Duo


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Doggy supermodel

Look at this beautiful face.


She's like a doggy supermodel.
I mean, really, who wouldn't hire this gorgeous face to model their dog products?


I'm sitting on a gold mine I tell you.

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Petal, come!

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I like to practice our recall whenever we're out in the yard playing. When I find myself and Petal on opposite sides of the yard, I use that opportunity to call her to me. She comes to me very enthusiastically, eager for whatever treat I have on me. She's becoming a pro at it. I can call her away from distracting things she's barking at and she'll whip around and come straight to me.

The command "come" can be a real life safer.
In fact, it very well may have saved Petal's life earlier this year.
Back in April we had a few temporary neighbors move in next door.
As you will see from the pictures in that post, that area of our fence is very low and Petal could even stick her head through it (note: it has since been replaced with a five foot fence that won't allow for slender Collie heads to slip through ;)).
This was fine at first. Petal was kind to the horses and the horses weren't bothered by her, in fact, they usually came closer to the fence whenever we went outside.

But one day the other side of the fence became too exciting to resist. There were kids, horses, and dogs on the other side of that fence and Petal became over excited. She leapt right over that measly little fence and joined in on the fun. I did not realize Petal could fly with such grace over that fence.
I froze. What do I do?! The older kids looked from my crazy dog, to me, and then went back to talking to each other as if nothing had happened. Obviously they weren't going to be very helpful.
I was only frozen for a second before I snapped into action. First I put Lassie in the house. Then I ran over to the yard my dog was joyously racing around in with her new friends. I didn't know how to open the gate, but I knew if I could call Petal over to it, I could show her how to crawl underneath it.

Armed with a clicker and some treats, I called for her attention first. "Petal!"
She stopped, searched for me, and then looked at me as she inched closer to me. In the short millisecond before I clicked the clicker, I could tell she was only giving me half of her attention. But as I clicked the clicker, to let her know she had done well to look for me when I called her name, she gave me her full focus.
Time for the true test.
"Petal, come!"
She booked it over to me, not even glancing back at the kids, dogs, and horses she was leaving behind. I clicked the clicker and rewarded her with a handful of treats. Then we had a quick lesson on crawling on command, which we had sort of learned months ago, but never really used. It took a minute for her to understand what I was asking of her, but with some guidance she crawled under the gate. I leashed her up, went inside, and tried to settle my heart.

Once I got past the excitement of it all, I couldn't stop myself from feeling very proud of Petal.
She had been itching to play with those dogs, horses and kids, yet she left them all behind when I called for her to come.

Now we practice our recalls every time we go out in the yard. We've replaced the short fence with taller fencing and the horses have long since moved, so there's not as much excitement out there anymore, but when there is, we just go back inside.

Now I just need to remember to look for opportunities to practice her recall outside of the yard, on our long lead.

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Black and White Sunday: Petal


Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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Halloween Fun

One morning I got this crazy— or adorable, whichever— idea.
I thought to myself, "I should take the dogs and some Halloween costumes outside and do a little photo shoot."
The dogs did not think this was such a great idea, until I whipped out the chicken, then they saw the true brilliance of it.

Will wear crazy costumes for chicken!

Petal is a lady bug princess or something.
Lassie is a pirate.
And they both love chicken.
A lot. ;)

Photobucket Photobucket
He's cooler than Captain Jack Sparrow.

She's a bigger nuisance than your average housefly.

Together they are... um... the C.C.C!
Collies wearing Costumes for Chicken.

Have a lovely weekend!


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