Two Collies and a Mutt

Two Collies and a Mutt: July 2011


Ella is five!


Today Ella turned five years old! To celebrate her marking another year we, of course, ate lots of tasty treats!

My Mom bought the dogs some yummy (and cute!) cookies from Urban Dawgz. These cookies are always a huge hit with the dogs.

And I baked some mini cupcakes, topped with peanut butter, honey and walnuts! The dogs really loved these, too.

This would be Ella looking all annoyed with me. She wants one of those tasty cupcakes, not a photo shoot!

Nummyyy cupcake!

And some tasty cookies too!

Of course Lassie & Petal got to enjoy some cookies and cupcakes, too.


And as a birthday present (no birthday is complete without presents), Ella is getting a pink & brown collar from Dublin Dog. :]

Happy birthday Miss Ella Grace! ♥

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Lassie is a true gentleman.
He really is. I have many examples of his chivalry but I'll just share the most recent one so this post won't end up being novel worthy.
After we got home from our usual evening walk Wednesday night, my brother and dad got out of the car and went straight into the house. I let Lassie out of the car too, fully expecting him to follow the boys in while I gathered up my things and got Petal out of the back of the car. As I went around to the back of the car I saw Lassie waiting so patiently for me and Petal by the porch steps.
 Love it. <3

But this may be why I'm single. I expect nothing less from a boyfriend.
I mean, come on, if he doesn't treat me as well as my dog does, what's the point?

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Favorite Toy

This is Petal's favorite toy. Her Orbee on a rope from Planet Dog.
It's her favorite thing to play with, hold and/or chew on.
I call it her binky.
Don't tell Petal, but it's currently MIA.
Oh no.
Yay! We found it! :D