Two Collies and a Mutt

Two Collies and a Mutt: September 2011


Bath time!

Ella had a (much needed) bath today!

And she was NOT very happy about it.

But she did a wonderful job of leaping out of the tub, mid rinse, and getting myself, my sister, and the bathroom soaking wet.

She also smells sooo lovely now thanks to Happytails' Bubbles n' Beads shampoo and Dirty & Hairy's Protect conditioner.

Who doesn't love a clean dog?

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Petal loves...


 1: Petal loves to RUN! 
2: Petal loves to eat. 
3: Petal loves to snuggle. 
4: Petal loves Harriet the cat. 
5: Petal loves to sleep on her back.


6: Petal loves to talk talk talk talk. 
7: Petal loves to play tug! 
8: Petal loves


and Ella.

9: Petal loves treat dispensing toys.
10: Petal loves to be covered with a blanket.


But most of all, Petal loves...


to be the center of attention. ;]
Oh, and a sweet little charmer, too.

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Camera Ham

Collies are such camera hams...

But with those beautiful looks, who could blame them?


Or maybe it's just my Collies?
My Collies have been known to come right on over whenever the camera is out. Ella usually just ignores it (sometimes, if you're lucky, she'll be all cute and cross her paws or something) or she'll move right before you snap the picture so it'll turn out all blurry (thanks Ella). The Collies, however, need little to no encouragement or guidance when it comes to posing.

They're never too shy for a close-up!

But no, no. It can't be just my Collies. It's gotta be all Collies.


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I can't believe I never posted this...

While I did post this video on Facebook, I realized that I failed to post it here!
This was taken a year ago in August, enjoy! :]

My sweet little helper!
She's recently learned how to help me with the laundry, too. I need to get a video of that.

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AKC Canine Good Citizen

Today at Urban Dawgz they had Yappy Hour along with an evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. I had been really looking forward to this, hoping to have both Lassie and Petal ready to take this test. Then when the day finally came, I freaked. Haha. I was so nervous that they weren't ready and that if they didn't pass, it would mean that I'm a terrible dog owner.
Silly, I know.
I really did feel that Petal wasn't quite ready yet and so I decided to work with her some more before we take the test. I think it was a good decision.
I decided that Lassie might be ready. I only thought might because I was really worried about the 10th and last part of the test. Supervised separation. Lassie is such a momma's boy and hates it when I leave him, even for just a second and even when he's left with my Mom. I was so nervous about that part, but I knew we were ready for the rest of it, and I knew that the evaluator would be a woman. As much as Lassie is a momma's boy, he's also a ladies man. So, despite my nerves, we went for it.
And guess what?


Ahh, I'm SO proud of him and so excited. He was given a very nice yellow bandana with the AKC Canine Good Citizen logo on it and a free box of Canidae treats! And as soon as I send in our form, we'll be receiving a certificate in the mail!
I'm so glad I went through with this even though I considered skipping it many many times. I doubt myself so much sometimes and worry too much about the negative criticism (that is often just mean and completely untrue) I sometimes receive. I worry too much about receiving more criticism. But I decided to just do this for Lassie and for myself. I decided to do it for fun and to prove to myself– no one else– that I have done a good job with his training.

Lassie, you're a very good dog and I'm so proud of you.

And I hope you're up for a photo shoot tomorrow, because we need some pictures of that snazzy bandana of yours to show to everyone. ;]

Here's some pictures of Lassie wearing his bandana. :D





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Hey guys, Petal here! Mommy said I could write a blog post because I have some super exciting news to share!
Remember my super cute and super cool giraffe George?
I got him for my very first birthday and he's one of the best toys ever! He's so fun to chew on, shake, tug, toss and snuggle with. George and I had a wonderful four or five months together before my sister Ella and I accidentally tore his leg off. Then we nearly tore his head off too. That's when Mom took him away and said she would fix him "soon".
MONTHS later she finally did fix him and guess what that means?!
I can finally play with him again!

He looks like Frankenstein now, but at least his head and leg are reattached!


Thanks Mommy!

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Ella's New Bed

Remember when I said Ella was going to get a new collar for her birthday?
Well I changed my mind and decided what she really needed was a new bed.
I was all set to get her this warm cave-like bed when I looked around and realized we have a couple of old, worn and tattered dog beds. I thought I would save myself the money of buying a whole new bed and instead buy a Molly Mutt duvet cover (off Amazon) to stuff our old dog beds/filling/sheets/clothes into.

This cover was half the price of the bed I was planning on getting for Ella and it's much cuter!
And Ella loves it as well. She was curling up on it faster than I could finish filling it!


(crazy I've-Got-My-Eye-On-You look)

Sorry your birthday present was so late, Ella! ♥

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Petal Paints

Today I mixed together some flour, salt, water and food coloring and Petal learned to paint!
The recipe was a bit of a pain to make (for me, anyway, because I'm gifted). It's very very simple, but loooots of arm-cramping stirring is involved and it doesn't smell very pleasant if you burn it like I did. Oops.
Next time we're going to use plain yogurt and food coloring instead. It's even simpler and no stoves are needed. ;]
But all in all Petal and I had fun!



Maybe one day her artwork will be featured in museums and go for a couple thousand dollars just like Tillamook Cheddar
Or maybe I'll just end up with lots of Petal's paintings on my fridge.

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