Two Collies and a Mutt

Two Collies and a Mutt: January 2013


My Collie Can Fly

 photo superpetfly_zps322cb88e.png

 photo superpetalfly_zpsf9d22534.png
'Cause she's a superhero.

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Wordless Wednesday: Me and Petal

WWpetalandme2013edit photo WWpetalandme2013edit_zps6ce417c5.jpg

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Fresh Snow!

It snowed here off and on (mostly on) from Sunday night to Monday evening.
Which has been absolutely wonderful because the rain we had over the weekend washed all our snow away and made everything dreadfully muddy. Not fun.
But now we have a fresh blanket of beautiful, clean snow!

winterwonderlassie photo winterwonderlassie_zps15fd0d90.jpgwinterwonderpetal photo winterwonderpetal_zps2c02e861.jpg

We had lots of fun in it, too.

I got a video of these two romping in the snow yesterday, making the first tracks in the fresh snow.
I will warn you that the video is all over the place. It was snowing (you probably won't be able to tell from the video, but it was lightly snowing the whole time we were out there) and even though there was this cloudy haze, it was bright and I couldn't really tell what I was recording, haha.
Thank goodness YouTube can stabilize shaky videos, or else you'd probably feel like you're spinning in circles on a boat in a storm.

Anyway. YouTube greatly improved it, but it's still all over the place, I'm sorry about that.
But you do get to see how crazy Petal is in the snow! :)

That barking that sounds like it's coming from a distance is from our neighbor's Border Collie cross from across the street.

And, of course, just minutes after I turned off the camera and stuck it back in my pocket, Lassie goes sniffing around under a tall bush and Petal whips by and knocks a ton of snow all over him. By the time I got the camera back out and ready to go, Lassie had shaken it all off.
It was so funny though. Lassie looked like he was made out of snow.

How has your weather been? Have you been enjoying snow? Rain? Sunshine? 

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Black and White Sunday: Her Sweet Little Face

 photo bwsundaypetaliscute_zps4e7cea38.png
"I'm cute and I know it."

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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Some Instagrams for your weekend!

lassiebug photo lassiebug_zps2a94caf7.jpgIMG_0383_zps92fa31f3 photo IMG_0383_zps92fa31f3.jpgcuddlingcollies photo cuddlingcollies_zps20f07786.jpg
1. Lassie has a cute face.
2. Petal likes chest scratchies.
3. Lassie and Petal cuddling.

bucketbed photo bucketbed_zpsad7706ba.jpgsleepinunderblanky photo sleepinunderblanky_zps083f8056.jpgyogainyasleep photo yogainyasleep_zpsb8a49c5a.jpg
4, 5, 6
Petal will sleep anywhere. On a bucket. Under a blanket with me on a freezing cold morning. On her back with her head squished against my butt.

snoozydude photo snoozydude_zps14a8d2f7.jpgfacewarmerboy photo facewarmerboy_zps0b4f2a9c.jpginstahandsomelassie photo instahandsomelassie_zps765ceb24.jpg
7. Lassie was very sleepy after helping us babysit for a few hours.
8. Lassie makes an excellent face warmer. ;)
9. Mr. McHandsome.

yummypencil photo yummypencil_zps011febd8.jpginstamineonly photo instamineonly_zpsb5ac2f8f.jpginstapepperloo photo instapepperloo_zpsc17d8ef6.jpg
10. Petal thinks she should be allowed to gnaw on this pencil.
11. Lassie likes to play keep-away.
12. Pepper has been staying with us for a few days. Petal has had fun with her, but is feeling a little jealous lately. She was very upset the other night when she found Lassie on the couch, laying on one side of me, and Pepper on the other side of me. It's usually Lassie on one side and Petal on the other. She did not appreciate this scene and she told me so with her Vanishing Ears act and some giggle-worthy moaning and groaning as she looked from Pepper, to me, and back again. I swear, if Petal could talk, she would've told me to push Pepper off the couch.
No worries Petal, Pepper goes home today. You're still the baby girl of the house. ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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Wordless Wednesday: Kissies

 photo kissies2013blog_zps8716dfb8.png

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Black and White Sunday: Squinty

 photo bwsquinty2013_zpscb75ac85.png

I was very amused to find these two making the exact same face. Goobers.

As you may have noticed, I gave the blog another make over.
Simply because I love giving the blog make overs.

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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Silly videos

How about two silly Collie videos for your Saturday?
Yes? Okay!

A few nights ago I was sitting on the floor, playing with the Collies and one of the toys they received for Christmas: the "Cane Deer" from West Paw Design. But I call him The Candy Cane Reindeer with the Wonky Eyes (his eyes make me giggle).

Petal was doing her adorable I'm-tired-but-stubborn-so-I'm-going-to-play-instead-of-sleep play, so I recorded it.

Then I realized something...

Oh Lassie, your patience never ceases to amaze me.

The Candy Cane Reindeer with the Wonky Eyes fits perfectly over a Collie nose!

As you probably have guessed: I'm easily amused and entertained.
Which is good, because an entertained human is a well behaved human, right? ;)

Have a lovely weekend!

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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Chasin' Critters

While we were out in the yard the other day Petal found a mystery critter (I never saw it, but I suspect it was a mouse) crawling beneath the leaves and twigs along the fence. She was being far too noisy and crazy to actually catch whatever it was. Petal is not stealthy or quiet when it comes to chasing down little friends. She is, however, very entertaining to watch. I snapped a dozen pictures (literally, so have fun scrolling ;)) before the camera battery died (lucky for you!).

Photobucket Photobucket

She went at it for another minute or two (I think he, whatever he was, was having a good time teasing the obnoxious dog that didn't stand a chance catching him) before we went back inside and she still looks for him when we go outside, but she hasn't seen him since.

As for what Lassie was doing as Petal stomped through leaves, snow, and twigs, thinking she was oh so sneaky— he was watching Petal with a look that said, "This is why Collies don't hunt."
Unless you count hunting down an abandoned cheeseburger. My Collies can do that no problem. ;)

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Wordless Wednesday: Snow King

Photobucket Photobucket

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Snow makes an excellent snack


One of the best parts about playing in the snow is...


there's always a nice, cold, hydrating snack at your feet.


I think Lassie was snacking on something more than just snow. Just look at the way he closed his eyes all dreamily. Plus he worked rather hard to get to whatever it was he was eating. I'm pretty sure it was a dog biscuit that I had dropped in the snow a few days before. Nothing like a frozen cookie!

These two love everything about snow, including the taste. Lassie and Petal run around, having fun, being crazy, then they'll stop for a lovely snow snack.
In our previous neighborhood we had a neighbor with a Collie (funny story actually, that poor lady was told that what she had was a Shetland Sheepdog puppy (I have no idea where she got her puppy or who told her this), I tried to tell her that I was pretty sure he was a Collie, but I was only 11 or 12, so she just smiled and said, "No, he's a Shetland Sheepdog. They look like mini Collies." Well guess what? Cole The Shetland Sheepdog grew to be Cole The Collie, lucky for him his owners loved and adored him all the same) who loved snow so much that his owner would open the back door and scoop some snow up in a stainless steel bowl so he could eat it while lying on the kitchen floor.

For those of you who get snow, do your dogs enjoy eating it?
For those of you who don't get snow, what's the strangest thing your dog enjoys eating?

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Black and White Sunday: Ella

Really missing that soft nose of yours, Ella Smella.

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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Petal and Harriet + Our shopping trip has been put on hold

Let's address the second half of our blog title first, then you guys can enjoy the video I have of Petal playing with Harriet.

On Tuesday I showed you all my shopping list and had you guess what we were buying. I think everyone— or just about everyone— guessed supplies for weave poles, which is correct! I'm going to be making Petal her first set of weave poles and Lassie's second set.
A few years ago my Mom and I built Lassie an agility course. He had a adjustable jump, a tire jump, weave poles, and a child's play tunnel. It was tons of fun, but most of it got lost/broken/blown away when we moved. All we have left of it is the jump, which Lassie, and now Petal, still have fun with.
I think Petal would really enjoy weave poles though, so we're going to make a new set.

Incase you're wondering: we're not going to get into agility competitively (at least not now, but I feel pretty confident in saying probably not ever, but who really knows, right?), for several reasons, we're just going to have fun with it in our own backyard for the sake of exercise, mental stimulation, and just plain fun.

Anyway, on to the part where our trip to Home Depot for weave pole-making supplies has been put on hold.
Our car, our one and only car, decided it would rather not start on Tuesday morning. We got all ready to go, Collies in the car, Humans bundled up, and the car refused to start.
A family friend came over and confirmed that it wasn't the battery, as we thought it was, and then he kindly towed it away to his shop to find out what was really going on.
Now I don't speak car, at all, so bare with me, but I think it's been said that the timing kit has to be replaced along with something else.
So here we are, on Thursday morning, still without a car. Hopefully we'll have it back by tonight, because we really need to run a few errands and we have a day trip planned for tomorrow.
We'll see.

Now onto the video!
I'm pretty sure I've shared a video of these two playing together before, but this one shows off the silly sounds Petal makes when she plays with Harriet, plus her pouting at the end when Harriet leaves.

It still makes me smile to see how well these two get along. I've never had a dog and a cat that actually enjoyed playing together. We have two other cats and they want mostly nothing to do with the Collies. Harriet, however, has been in love with them since she was a teeny, tiny kitten. She gets along better with the dogs than she does with the cats.

One more thing, ignore my Mom talking to my little sister and my Dad clanking dishes in the kitchen. They can't keep quiet for nothing, even when recording a video was their idea. Haha.


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Wordless Wednesday: What's over there?


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We're going shopping!

Two lucky Collies get to go to Home Depot with me today to price and pick up some supplies for... something. 
I'll let you figure that out.
I'll let you look at my list and you can guess what we're up to.
What's in it for you?
Nothing, honestly. I'm terribly sorry.
Unless you guess correctly, then you'll have the satisfaction of being right.
That's always nice, isn't it? ;)

I suppose I could have posted my handwritten list, but I didn't even think of that until now. Besides, my fonts are nicer than my handwriting. ;)

Any guesses?

Photobucket Photobucket
A classic from 2011

Guess away!

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