Two Collies and a Mutt

Two Collies and a Mutt: March 2013


Happy Easter! + Black and White Sunday

 photo happyeaster2013.png  photo easter2013.png

Happy Easter everyone! :)

And for Black and White Sunday:

 photo bwsundayeaster2.png  photo bwsundayeaster.png

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A Wild Penny

What is this?

 photo awildpenny.png

It's a wild Penny Pirana!
(Yeah, we're working on what she can and cannot sink her teeth into: Yes you can chew on that toy. No you cannot chew on my fingers).

She is growing like a weed.
When she first got here she was shorter than our 20 pound, giant cat and then suddenly she woke up with these long legs and is now taller than the cat.
I hope my cousin still recognizes her. ;)

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Wordless Wednesday: Wander

 photo WWpetalwalkwodec.png

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Delectable Collie Fluff

I hold in my hand a ball of Collie fluff...

 photo colliefluff.png

but good luck convincing a certain puppy of that.
Penny is convinced it's not just "Collie fluff", she's convinced it's a delicious and wonderful toy/treat!

 photo yummycolliefluff.png
"It's filled with happiness and joy.
Don't take it from me."

I'm always fishing Collie hair out of her mouth.
She stalks me while I brush Lassie and Petal.
Her eyes and head follow the brush's every move and the second I turn it around to pull out the fluff, she bounces, grabs a mouthful straight from the prickly pin brush, and runs off with it.
She pulls it apart, chews on it, pulls it apart again, and chews some more until it's a big, slobbery, knot of nastiness hanging out of the side of her mouth, which I have to pick off.

It's funny, annoying and gross all at once.

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Black and White Sunday: Comfy?

 photo BWpuppylassiesilly.png
Crazy pup.

Lassie would like you all to know that he does not lay like this anymore.
Because it's neither polite nor gentleman-like.

He still hogs the blankets sometimes, though.

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She is the master

Petal decided to a play a game of hide-and-seek a few days ago...

 photo petalhidingunderblanket.png

She is the master at hiding.
It took me ages to find her.

Whoa! That was you under that blanket, Petal?
I had no idea.

She was very upset with my sister, who was loudly popping her gum (Petal does not like that sound, it's scary and sounds like the nail gun that was used when our kitchen was remodeled, she has hated gum popping ever since; we're working on that), so she hid under my blanket even after my sister spat out the gum and apologized profusely to her.

Happy weekend! ;)
Hope you guys have fun and/or relaxing plans!

The Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

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On our walk...

 photo takeawalklass2013.png

I went for a walk with Lassie on Tuesday afternoon.
We explored a neighborhood we don't live in.

We saw nice houses and pretty fences.

 photo takeawalk2013.png  photo takeawalk32013.png

A cute little gazebo.

 photo takeawalk22013.png

And many pink flamingos.

   photo takeawalk42013.png

That yard made my day.
I want a flock of pink flamingos.

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Wordless Wednesday: It's a pillow, it's a Pet...

 photo WWpillowpetal.png

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Black and White Sunday: My Sweet Girl

 photo BWSpetalcurled.png

All curled up in her lovely fur.
I adore her.

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's day!
I would've posted a much more... festive picture, but alas, I am not very festive when it comes to St. Patrick's day. I am also forgetful.
But Petal's sweet face is worth more than a pot of gold, so... there's that?

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Wordless Wednesday: How did I get here?

 photo WWhowdidigethere.png

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Black and White Sunday: Petal was a snow princess for a day

 photo bwssnowprincess.png  photo bwsnowprincess2.png  photo bwsundaymeltyy.png

It didn't last very long.

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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A little shiny Penny

We got dumped on again today!

 photo snowpetalcrazyy.png

I'm so glad. Snow is so much more enjoyable than mud. Ick.
And that's not just my preference, the Collies agree. Snow is more fun.
I like that I don't have eight twelve little paws to clean.
Yes. Twelve.
The snow is not the most exciting thing that's going on over here.

On Wednesday night I finally found a cure for puppy fever.

 photo penny.png

The cure: steal your cousin's puppy for awhile.
No, she's not mine (but I bet I had you going there for a second, didn't I?). She's just crashing with us for awhile.

 photo penny2.png

Her name is Penny. She's four months old. She's a mixed breed of some sort. My cousin was told that her Mom is a Golden Retriever, but they had no idea who the father was. So we're having fun guessing. My cousin guessed Pit Bull and we've guessed Boxer, though her bark/howl sounds hound-ish to me.
Whatever she is, she's cute.
While her markings aren't as dark and striking as his, she still reminds me a bit of Pallo from So Fly.

 photo pennypetal5.png

Petal is frequently reminding her who's boss around here (with her withering stare, she's so good at that that she doesn't even need to growl), but other than that, they get along pretty well now that it's been a few days. Petal is patient with her puppy antics, but won't put up with her playing too roughly. They get along especially well outside, where there's nothing to bicker over, just lots of room to chase each other and wrestle.

 photo pennypetalwrestle1.png
 photo petalpenny2.png

When it comes to chase, Penny can't keep up with Petal, who's part Cheetah. Penny whines and cries as she chases down Petal. She frequently slips and trips too, whether she's walking, running or trotting.
How I missed clumsy puppy feet.

 photo pennypetal4.png

If she manages to get close enough, she loves to grab Petal's tail, it's the only way she can keep up. Petal starts tucking her tail and butt under herself after the first time or two.

 photo pennypetal3.png

Her personality reminds me of Ella.
Or what I imagine Ella would've been like if she had ever been medicated. Penny is much more mellow than Ella was. She reminds me of Ella just enough to make me smile.

Lassie is tolerating her well. He's pretty patient, but not afraid to tell her to knock it off if he needs to. At times he seems happy that Petal has someone else to knock over, chase, and bite, but there have been a few moments where he didn't seem to want to share his sister anymore and he kept getting in the middle of their play. Luckily Petal has had practice with playing with two dogs at once. She is pretty popular, after all. ;)

What breed/s does Penny look like to you?
Leave a guess, or two or three, in the comments!

Hope you all are having a fun weekend!

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Wordless Wednesday: Dynamic Duo

 photo WWdynamicduo.png

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My Fly Collie

 photo myflycollie.png

Lassie's looking very fly in these glasses I found on the ground.

To the person who lost these: Thanks! They brightened my day and they're mine now. ;)

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Monday Mischief: Blanket Thief

Petal stole a blanket the other morning and had a grand ol' time running around with it in her mouth.
I had fun putting it over her head and then hiding from her and recording her reaction through a mirror. ;)

Ah yes, and Lassie had fun barking through the whole thing.

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Black & White Sunday: Silly Puppy.

 photo BWsundaysillypetpup.png
Petal // 2-24-2010 // 2 months old.

This picture always makes me think of a bear cub.

Today we are participating in the Black and White Sunday blog hop hosted by You Did What With Your Weiner, Dachshund Nola and My Life In Blog Years.

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