Two Collies and a Mutt

Two Collies and a Mutt: January 2012


Wanna Hear a Joke?

"Hey Ella, wanna hear a joke? Hehe, it's a good one!"
"Sure! What is it?"

"Okay, here it goes. Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"
"So it's you at the door?"
"No! Ella! Play along!"
"Alright, alright. Collie who?"
"Collie Miss Molly, I don't know!"

Petal: "HAHAHAH, wasn't that funny!?"
Ella: ROFL

Now, who's up for a little giveaway?
Lassie, Ella and Petal have decided that they would like to give away one of the boxes of treats they received from Mr. Chewy!
These are the treats they've chosen to give away:

Sojos Bacon and Cheddar cookies!

All you gotta do is comment here with your name, email address and— just for fun— the best trick your dog(s) knows!
A winner will be picked at random and announced next Tuesday, February 7th 2012.

List of ingredients for those with allergies:

Just for fun I'll share my dogs' best tricks:
Lassie: Shake. It's his favorite trick. He'll shake your hand or your foot, he would probably even shake your face if you asked him to.
Ella: Catch. She can catch a treat from clear across the room.

Now get those drooling dogs away from the keyboard and get commenting! ;]

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Review: Mr. Chewy


We got a package in the mail Wednesday!
What exciting things were contained inside?
Some tasty treats from...

Mr. Chewy!
And he delivers exactly what he claims to deliver: pet happiness.
My pets were certainly very happy with this delivery.

Petal dug around inside until she found the perfect treat (a Merrick wishbone)

and took off with it saying, "I rather like this Mr. Chewy fellow."

When you shop at the first thing you'll notice is how many brands they have.
They offer over 70 different brands.
That's a LOT!
They offer great brands like:
Blue Buffalo
Taste of the Wild
And my dogs' favorite, Sojos!

And many many more!

Their website is very easy to navigate. You can shop by brand, food form (canned food, dehydrated food, etc), life stage and/or specialty (gluten free, grain free, etc).

They ship very promptly. We placed our order late on Wednesday night (the 18th) and it was shipped the next morning! I was expecting a nice long wait before it arrived, I was thinking about a week and a half to two weeks— that's usually how long I have to wait when ordering from sites similar to Mr. Chewy, but it arrived just six days (or four business days) after it shipped.

While shopping around we discovered that Mr. Chewy doesn't just offer lots of brands for foods, but for tasty treats too! We found our very favorite brands:

And there were so many others, too!

They had a nice large variety of Zuke's treats, our very favorite treats! We had lots to choose from. It was almost hard to pick and choose with so many choices.
Though we do wish they had more to choose from— flavors and sizes— in the Zuke's Z-Bones line; we love those dental bones! We're lucky they happened to have them in our size: large.


They had a wonderful variety of the Merrick and Sojos treats as well!
We found their pricing to be that of other pet sites we've shopped from with some things being even cheaper at Mr. Chewy's! And Mr. Chewy offers a flat rate shipping cost of $4.95 or free shipping on orders over $49.
 With no extra charges even if your purchase weighs 100 pounds.
Let me say that again.
No extra charges even if your package weighs 100 pounds.
The weight of your purchase never effects the shipping costs.
I LOVE that!

Some sites I go to for pet food offer free shipping if your purchase exceeds a certain $ amount or a flat rate shipping if it exceeds whatever $ amount. I think "Perfect!" then I go to check out and realize that that didn't apply to my order because it weighs too much.
Very disappointing.
But that's not the case with Mr. Chewy! There are no weight restrictions.
(Now if only they offered the Sojos Original mix in a 40lb bag ;) )

Would you believe that I haven't even reached the best part about yet?
Well, believe it, because I haven't.
The best part about is their awesome "Refer Your Friends Donation Program"
What's that?
When you sign up for an account (which is free!) at you'll receive your own unique referral code. You can share this referral code with all your friends and if your friends are a first time customer of Mr. Chewy and use your referral code, they'll receive 10% off their order and Mr. Chewy will donate $10 to one of three charities.
Which charities do they have to choose from you ask?
You can choose from:
Best Friends Animal Society
or North Shore Animal League America
Can't choose between them?
That's alright, you can opt to have Mr. Chewy spilt the donations you earn from referring your friends between all three charities!
Like I said above: awesome!

Visit for more details on the Refer Your Friends Donation Program.
And here is my referral code for you, my awesome blogging friends: MARQ9222
Use it on your first time order and receive 10% off your order! I chose Best Friends as my charity for Mr. Chewy to donate to. So, with my code, your first time order will donate $10 to their amazing sanctuary!

Thanks Mr. Chewy!

Disclosure: I was contacted by and asked to do a honest review in exchange for $50 to spend on their site. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Petal & Harriet: Best Friends.




These two are such sweet friends!
They're so entertaining and constantly making us laugh.
Harriet loves to clean Petal's face and sneak up on her while she's sleeping and bite her ear.
Petal's not too fond of the biting, but she does enjoy the snuggles and the play time.
Petal loves to nibble on Harriet's sides; it looks almost like she's trying to tickle her!
(Or eat her, however you want to look at it)

I finally got a video of the two of them playing together.
You'll have to ignore our commentary. ;]


The Saturday Pet Blog Hop!
Shhh, we know this post was made on Friday.
But it's Saturday now!

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In Which We Look Like Super Models

A few days ago Lassie and Petal endured (more like thoroughly enjoyed) a fun little photo shoot.
With the wind blowing through their fur they looked like super models.
Working hard for the dog biscuit!

Lights... camera... wind blown hair... go!



Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Petal! What are you doing? Get back in your pose or I'm docking your pay! Half a biscuit!

"Is this better? You aren't going to dock my pay still, are you? I really need those biscuits!"


Naw, I suppose I won't. Those were pretty good.


They will do anything for treats.

"We can haz treats now?"

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Wordless Wednesday: Whoosh!


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Five Random Facts: Petal

I thought it might be fun to share five random facts about each of the dogs with you readers.
I'll start with Petal; ladies first, right?


1: Petal sometimes (often) makes these really strange noises that I call her "dinosaur noises", they're like these strange and adorable grumbly sounds. She makes them when she's nibbling on something or rolling around on the couch (which is a classic part of her morning routine).
2: She loves getting packages in the mail. She likes to help me open them and whatever is inside is hers and Lassie and Ella better not take it.
3: Her tummy does not tolerate anything with sweet potatoes.
4: You may already know about her overbite, but did you know she uses it for e v i l? She hooks her front, exposed, teeth over things, like the rim of a cup, and pulls them down from those hard to reach places.
5: Petal got her name because of a marking on the top of her head that resembles a flower petal.

That's it for Petal!
Next up will be Ella, so keep an eye out for that. ;]

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Hello Camera!

"Hello Mr. Camera! Get a close up of me! Ignore the girls in the background!"

"Don't ignore me, Camera! Look at my tongue!"

"No, Camera! Look at MY tongue!"

"And watch me squish Petal into the ground!"

The camera witnesses some brutal things sometimes.
Y'know, when dog noses aren't being shoved in it's lens.


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Collie Butts

I don't know if you've noticed, but...
Collies have such big booties.


Seriously. They do.

A windblown Collie butt!

And they're proud of 'em!
Or, at least, I'm sure mine are.
They sure act like they are.

Lassie always greets people with a sweet, enthusiastic Collie smile and then shoves his butt against them. For a butt scratch, of course!
(Or he's just crazy; that's a possibility).

Or maybe I'M crazy for photographing dog butts.

Petal also enjoys butt scratches.
(Or is also crazy).
But she'd rather use her giant butt for evil.


Like the other day, for example, Petal literally knocked Lassie off his feet with her big butt.
I almost fell on the floor laughing.


Ella, with her itty bitty little mutt butt, is totally jealous of the Collies' fluffy butts.
But(t  :P) she's also glad she doesn't have a giant booty that knocks things over.
That tail of hers, however, does some serious damage.

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We're all fancy with a water fountain

On Tuesday we got a package in the mail!
Everyone was super excited, hoping it was dog treats! Or toys!
But nope. I didn't buy them any treats or any toys.
Sorry guys.

Instead I (with the help of my lovely siblings) bought them a pet fountain.
A boring old water bowl!?

I'll tell you why.
This little stinker right here


does not drink nearly enough water.
Dog mouths are not meant to be sticky, Petal.
They're suppose to be slimy.

And who wants to see that cute face all dehydrated?
Yeah. No one.

The cats are needing to drink more water as well and I've read, in numerous places, that animals are attracted to moving water.
I knew that had to be true because Petal would rather drink out of either a) a water bottle being poured out or b) the gutters or any moving water source regardless of whether or not it's clean and mud free (eeeww).
Option B is not allowed.
And option A is just not practical for every day.
So a pet fountain sounded like the perfect solution!

Until I went to price them.
Holy cow.
$109 for a stainless steel Drinkwell 360?!
I don't think so.
Yes it looks like a fantastic pet fountain, but I just don't have that kind of money to spend on a water bowl right now.
They offered them in plastic for a considerably smaller price, but plastic just didn't seem practical with 6 pets. And the finicky cats aren't fans of plastic dishes.
And I wasn't too fond of the idea of taking apart and cleaning a plastic one.
Of course I didn't have to get the Drinkwell 360. There are plenty of other pet fountains to choose from. But the 360 seemed like the very best choice for 6 pets.
So I checked out Amazon.

How I love you, Amazon.
Amazon offers the Drinkwell 360 for $67 with Amazon Prime.
And we also happened to have an Amazon gift card.
And my siblings decided to go half on it since it would benefit their cats too.
So with all of that, I got a $109 pet fountain for $10
*happy dance*


This is the fountain and so far it's a hit.
There are five interchangeable spouts, right now we have the one with 3 spouts on it.
It holds much more water than it looks like it would. About a gallon.
But the best part?
Petal drinks out of it.
And not just one slurp once a day. I've seen her drinking from it several times since it arrived Tuesday.

Lassie and Ella have been drinking more as well and my brother's cat is in love with it.
She'll spend most of the day staring at it, playing in it, drinking from it and sleeping next to it.
The other two cats are still warming up to it, but they like it.

Overall, it's been a really great buy so far.
And with Petal drinking more water, I have one less thing to worry about.

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Wordless Wednesday: Happy Collies


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I'm pretty sure Ella was trying to bury me...

As we know, Ella loves to dig.
She's a digging machine.
Flinging dirt everywhere, including all over some very offended Collies.
Getting her nails, feet and face all dirty.
Then kicking back and relaxing in her newly dug hole.
Or bolting off in some random direction like she unearthed and then inhaled catnip.
It's crazy and silly to watch.

The other day, however, had me giggling less and watching my back more.
I was a little suspicious when she came and began to dig a hole right underneath me...


Of all the places to dig, why under me?


It was more difficult to dig here, what with me sitting there and an old tarp buried there.
So why in the world would she choose to dig there?


There's really only one reason for it.
She was trying to bury me.

*innocence* "Who, me? I would never bury you, silly human! I was simply... digging a moat around you. Yes, let's go with that. A moat to keep you safe. No graves here!"

Likely story, Ella.
Likely story.

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Sassy girl (did you immediately think of Petal?)

My dogs (*cough*Petal*cough*) don't always take their jobs as doggy models very seriously.
Sometimes all they (*cough*Petal*cough*) wanna do is talk, talk, talk.
It's not very professional.

Petal, stop talking and pose!

:O "Well! That was rather rude!"

Alright, let's try this again.
Maybe in a down position this time.



One last time.
Just look at the camera. And don't bark.
That's all you have to do Petal.
Can you handle that?

  Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Lovely! Well done!


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